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Weiße Lilien (Silent Resident)

Silent Resident

Weiße Lilien,
Drama by Christian Frosch, AT/L/DE 2007, 96 min, 35 mm, OV german, ST english

Never were apartment blocks more menacing, more inhabited by mystery, fear and control than the bright, white towers of "Neustadt, New Town, a self-sufficient "living machine" on the outskirts of place and time...

With the help of a motherly friend and colleague, Hannah leaves her violent husband and moves to a higher, and thus socially superior, floor of her building. There her life quickly begins to derail. Why is she being observed by her new neighbors and spied upon by the internal security system? Why did the previous tenant commit suicide? Hannah begins having visions - or are they? - of shooting her husband.

She feels that everyone, including her lover, is conspiring against her. Her only hope is her friendship with Anna, a kind of "negative" of Hannah, who rebels against the all-pervasive control in New Town. But as their two identities begin to merge, and the boundaries between manipulator and manipulated blur, they are swept up into a spiral of violence that threatens the very foundations of the "living machine" New Town...

Script & Director:
Christian Frosch
Busso von Müller
Michael Palm
Andreas Ockert
Giovanni Scribano
Alfred Mayerhofer
Brigitte Hobmaier, Johanna Wokalek, Martin Wuttke, Walfriede Schmitt, Peter Fitz, Gabriel Barylli, Erni Mangold, Ursula Ofner, Roland Jaeger
Gabriele Kranzelbinder, Alexander Dumreicher-Ivanceanu
Kranzelbinder Gabriele Production
Weltfilm, Mediopolis, Minotaurus Film, Eurofilm Studio, Neue Visionen Filmproduction


Toronto International Film Festival
Toronto International Filmfestival 2007

"Silent Resident possesses a breathtakingly atmospheric architecture that is as much a character as the fragile human bodies contained within it. Wracked with perplexity and intrigue, the compound is a menacing non-place that could be anywhere in the developed world, completely detached from the outside environment. But no matter how sterile and ultra-modern the setting might be – it resembles a machine – its denizens cannot escape the demons that haunt this prison. Silent Resident is thus a fitting allegory for the twenty-first century's perpetual state of alienation and unease".
Dimitri Eipides



American Film Institut – Filmfestival Dallas

American Film Institut Filmfestival Dallas"Silent Resident is a mind-bending thriller that runs along the unnerving lines of J. G. Ballard, Roman Polanski, and David Lynch."

Diagonale – Graz

Diagonale - Graz"In Christian Froschs Parabel auf die Gesellschaft des 21. Jahrhunderts kollidieren Realität, Traum und Gewalt".

Hungarian Film Week

Hungarian Film Week"Never have apartment blocks been more menacing, more inhabited by mystery and fear, and more tightly controlled than in the bright white towers of "Neustadt", or New Town, a self-sufficient "living machine" on the outskirts of place and time..."

Mediawave Intern. Film Festival Györ

Mediawave Intern. Film Festival Györ"Christian Frosch delivers a gripping conspiracy thriller, love story and parable about the fears and paranoia gnawing at the soul of modern-day society. The outstanding cast is headed by sensational young breakout talent Brigitte Hobmeier and DP Busso von Müller lends the film an ingeniously corresponding cinemascope vision."

Filmkunstfestival Schwerin

Filmkunstfestival Schwerin"In faszinierend traumähnlichen Bildern schafft Christian Frosch einen verstörenden Liebesthriller über die Angst, die sich tief im Herzen einer modernen Überwachungsgesellschaft festgesetzt hat."


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