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TEAR Works

TEAR Works

short film, by Christian Frosch A/D 2007, 10 min.

Eight staged portraits, each structured in two shots: the long shot grounds the person into the (social) space, the close-up focuses on the face.
Eventually, the protagonists begin to cry. Tears in the cinema revoke distance, they are expansive and contagious.
Tear Works is an extremely reduced work which frees a multitude of life-details and stories within us when the eyes well-up and tears begin to flow.
Script & director:
Christian Frosch
Johannes Hammel
Editing & sound:
Christian Frosch
Xaver Challupner
Britt Beyer, Ursula Ofner, Walfriede Schmitt, Konstantin Achmed Bürger, Norman Desmond, Roland Jaeger, Jenitha Tonar, Michael-Joachim Heiss
Kristina Konrad, Ursula Scribano, Christian Frosch
Production director:
Ursula Scribano
Founded by:
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