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documentary, 90 min., Coproduction with 996films Buenos Aires, Observatorio de Cine, Barcelona

The crowd, the man, the city. A territorial film. Everything happens in two pedestrianized streets, in the heart of downtown Buenos Aires. The city as a protagonist Charity dining rooms together with touristy restaurants, traditional cafes, financial companies, Evangelistic churches, bingo halls and video arcades, movie theatres, the banks that had to secure their doors in 2001 because of the popular claims, leather clothing factories, tourists, beggars, opportunists, pick-pockets, cardboard collectors, brothels, etc..

The marginal and the elegant walk along the same path. The urban centre as a synthesis of every metropolis: the social differences, the contained violence, the misery, the absurd, irony and humor.

Streets in agony, which reinvent themselves, that talk about us, their inhabitants.

Sebastían Martínez
Sebastían Martínez
Alejandro Almirón
Mario Durrieu, Walter Tiepelmann
Kristina Konrad, weltfilm GmbH
BAFICI April 2010

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