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Far away from here

Far away from here

Documentary film by Kristina Konrad, 29 min., Germany 2008

"Far away from here" is where Daniela(17) would like to live in the future. "Here" is a poor part of town in Montevideo/Uruguay, where Daniela lives in a small house with her son, husband, mother, sister and brother-in-law. They are better off than most of the people living in that neighborhood. They all work and the father provides them with whatever they need. But he is missing. "Far away from here", is also her father. He is one of the millions of emigrants from Latin America whose salaries are both essential to the survival of their families and crucial to the economy of their home country.

Daniela misses him fiercely and he promises to return home soon. Making that decision isn't easy, as he's in the States illegally and wouldn't be able to return. And who would support his family then? He sends money for toys, clothes, a microwave, TV, cell phones, a fridge, any due repairs at the house, etc... And he orders groceries for them online. All of this causes the neighbors to be envious, something which makes Daniela wish she lived far away, in a quiet, safe place without envy, drugs and violence.

The movie carefully approaches Daniela's world, tells her story, a girl immersed in daydreaming, who is also a down-to-earth mother, beloved daughter and young wife – and about the pain of emigration.

Script & director:
Kristina Konrad
Mariana Viñoles
Stefano Tononi
Miguel Presno Barhoum
Ursula Scribano
Katya Mader, M. Platzen
weltfilm, by order of ZDF/3sat, for the slot „Mädchengeschichten“
Broadcast on TV:
20. Juli 2008, 18 Uhr, 3sat


  • Duisburger Filmwoche 32, EL OJO COJO, Madrid, Festival Latinoamericano de Video de Rosario (Argentina),
  • Best film about Latin America of a no Latin American director.

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