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Mensajero © Martín Solá


Documentary film by Martín Solá, 85 min., Argentina/Germany 2010

Work and religion intertwine and mix together amid mountains and plains, and they set across the dense landscape of the Argentine north through a perplexed, undaunted perspective that places both the spiritual and physical aspects on a vanishing point in every frame. The film's narrative kick-off is Rodrigo, a messenger living in a mountain community who decides to leave his position to go work in a salt mine. His trip gets blend into a peregrination organized by local monks, and that's when the documentary style lets go of its more conventional resources and sets sail through a hypnotic and hallucinated environment made of a series of black and white towns that become overwhelming, animated illustrations. An expressive search that makes no concessions to any sentimentality or simplified sociological comment, Mensajero abysmally creates a unique atmosphere and outlines a rough, sedated journey through a meager and magnanimous existence.

Script & director:
Martín Solá
Gustavo Schiaffino
Martín Solá, Sergio Subero
INCAA, Argentina
Observatorio de Ciné Barcelona, 99 films Argentina, weltfilm GmbH
BAFICI April 2011

Founded by

  • INCAA : Instituto Nacional de Cine y Artes Audiovisuales

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