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drama by Gilbert Beronneau, A/D 2007, OV german, 96 min., 35 mm

In Lunik, an old and dilapidated hotel, two cousins Franz and Toni try to realize their diverse doctrines. Franz rigorously dismisses the commodification of a reality in a world of consumption, where the domination of the market and that of greed apply. He picks up stray, like-minded comrades to join his clan, in the gutted out hotel.
On the other side, Toni and his employees use these entrepreneurial dynamics to fulfill his own dream as the proprietor of a successful nightclub. The inevitable collision of the two sides leaves no one unharmed.

Script / Director:
Gilbert Beronneau
Kai Rostasy
Daniel Scheimberg
Martin Daske
Anna Maria Mühe, Thorsten Merten, David Fischer, Wolfgang Mondon, Alexander Sternberg, Fritz Roth, Augustin Kramann, Monika Schubert, Gitte Rugaard, Jörg Brütt, Ruth Hornemann, Mia Kaspari, u.a..
Gilbert Beronneau, Eckard Stüwe, Daniel Scheimberg
Ursula Scribano, Kristina Konrad
spiritfilm, welt|film


Medienboard Berlin Brandenburg


Filmfestival "achtung berlin"

  • Publikumspreis Filmfestival "achtung berlin" New Berlin Film Award, 2007
  • DVD-Release (label: b-ware media, Schiess doch! Filme)

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