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Fiction by Jean-Pierre Bekolo

Escaping from her daughter, who has eyes only for her inheritance and accuses her of dilapidating the family fortune, Ariane, the richest woman in France but already an old woman, thwarts security to escape from the prison of her mansion where her family has locked her up because she dared to shower a gigolo with gifts. With her African chauffeur Aristide at the wheel of the Bentley, they wander around Paris with no real destination. For the first time, Ariane becomes interested in the origins and the personality of this black man, until now « invisible », who has been driving her for ten years. It's in this way that Africa will impose itself on her through Aristide's stories, African food and palm wine. An adventure into the unreal, where Africa becomes the way out and the lifeline from the family impasse in which she finds herself.

If money can’t make you happy, try Africa.

Written & directed:
Zili / weltfilm
Jean-Pierre Bekolo

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