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Unas Preguntas © weltfilm

Unas Preguntas - One Or Two Questions

Documentary by Kristina Konrad, 237 min., Germany/Uruguay 2018

Uruguay in the Late Eighties

In 1986, the Uruguayan Parliament passed a law granting amnesty for all crimes and human rights violations committed by the military and police during the dictatorship (1973-85). This law of impunity prevented the clarification demanded by the relatives of those who had disappeared and been murdered by the former regime. A public initiative arose calling for a referendum in which the law be subject to the vote of the people.

Unas preguntas uses U-matic footage, mostly of interviews recorded on the streets of Uruguay between 1987 and 1989, to present a time capsule of the period. The result is a multifaceted reflection of the country and its inhabitants in which the values of democracy – such as peace, justice, and equality – are continually questioned and re-explored.

Realisation and Camera:
Kristina Konrad
Interviews and Sound:
María Barhoum, Graciela Salsamendi
Montage and Dramaturgy:
René Frölke
weltfilm GmbH
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