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Feature by Thais Guissasola & Simon*e Paetau


Lucía (30) is a Transfrau, whose biggest pride lies in her long, black curls. Her Mother GLÓRIA had immigrated from Colombia to Germany and brought Lucía in
Berlin to the World. So Lucía is a real Berliner and a real Latina. If she is asked for her nationality, she describes herself as a "half whirlwind" and refers to the followingnationality is asked, she describes herself as a "half whirlpool" and refers to the her German father, she never met. So she has a lot of experience in standing between the chairs, somehow she's comfortable with it, too. Lucía loves nature and often sinks into small details. She is a gentle woman, who does not like too much attention neither confrontation, but when it comes to defend oneself or the one she loves, she becomes a lioness.

Diva (35) is a Brazilian Transfrau and only since approx. one year in Berlin what one listens to her broken German also. She lives in a refugee shelter in Berlin-Tempelhof and waits for her asylum application to be finally decided. Although the German authorities and their roommates in the shelter do not make her life easy, Diva sprays with energy. She runs on a catwalk through life and is too resistant to be suppressed by anyone. Diva is a proud woman and a faithful friend, who lives her life according to the motto: There are two things that one should always carry within oneself - one is dignity and the other a vibrator.

Glória (60) now lives longer in Germany than she lived in Colombia. She does not talk about the time before Lucías birth. Not even Lucía knows anything about Glória's past in Colombia's tropical rainforest... today Glória works in the evening service of the Deutsche Oper. She has almost never been absent on a single day and was never too late.
The fact that her child calls herself "Lucía" and does not live her life inconspicuously and adaptedly, she considers with worry.


Thais Guisasola /Simon*e Paetau
Jorge Botero, septimafilms Bogotá/Colombia

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