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The Writing on the Wall (Über die Grenze gehen)

The Writing on the Wall

The Writing on the Wall
Documentary film by David Pablos, 29 min., Germany 2010, OV spanish/ ST german

Every year thousands of children try to cross the border between Mexico and the U.S.A. Most of them want to cross because it's the only way of meeting with their parents. THE WRITING ON THE WALL follows three of these children after they have been detained, and sent back to Mexico, to a help desk of immigrant kids. This is an observational film, where the camera melts with the action and characters without interfering in a direct way.  Details are very important to help describe the mood of the children who have to wait in the help desk for immigrant kids. To achieve this particular mood, the camera follows the children in their simplest actions, and patiently waits. It describes the spaces as well, but always returns to the faces, that are of extreme expressiveness."

Script & director:
David Pablos
Hatuey Viveros
Rodrigo Lira
Rafael Ruano Moreno
Carlo Ayhllón
Commissioning Editor:
Maik Platzen
weltfilm GmbH, by order of ZDF/3sat for the slot FREMDE KINDER
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